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The Leaders in Technical & Mechanical Training for the Sewing Machine Industry.

 Artizan Training's Story  

 From sewing machine repairs to training the sewing machine technicians of the future.

An Idea is Born

With years of experience in the sewing industry and with the increased need for technical support from our clients we started to notice that there was a distinct lack of sewing machine engineers available. 

To begin with, we started to write our own technical manuals, predominately for the industrial sewing machine sector. This continued to grow and we now have a range of books and trouble shooting guides for both the commercial and domestic sector.

The Artizan and the Training

However the problem regarding the skills gap in the industry meant manufacturing companies were struggling with the lack of sewing machine engineers. We concluded that new blood was urgently needed to help with this growing issue; so we set about starting our training centre (Artizan Training) in the UK, based in Hatfield, East Sussex

A Huge Success

Artizan Training has proven to be a great success thanks to our partnerships in the industrial and commercial sectors and our domestic clients who use our premises and services to have their sewing machines fixed.

Our range of training is of the highest standard and always developing. Our dedicated team of engineers and instructors have years of valuable knowledge and experience. You can be sure your experience at Artizan Training will be invaluable and beneficial to your future plans within the sewing machine industry.

Final Word

We provide the basics and guide you through the knowledge to become a sewing machine mechanic/engineer, providing you with certification of your success. 

Over the years we have had the privilege of training many people from a variety of 
backgrounds. Some of our trainees have gone on to run their own successful businesses such as mobile sewing machine repairs services.