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Distance Learning Sewing Machine Repair - Digital and Online Courses

We know that a lot of our clients live all the way around the WORLD so we have a developed range of digital programmes and sewing machine repair training courses for both the domestic and industrial sector. Many of our clients have busy lives and come from every corner of the globe, so it may not be convenient or possible for them to visit our training centre in Hartfield, East Sussex, UK. Therefore taking this into consideration and wishing to provide a training programme accessible to all, we have designed and developed a range of distance learning programmes for you to complete in your own time from the comfort of your home, office or workshop. We hope you will find one that will suit your prefered style of learning and if you have any questions please contact us.

Building Blocks - Modular Sewing Machine Repair Training Course

Our New upgraded interactive power point Distance Learning “Building Blocks”  programme which is second to none.

It has been designed to provide you the trainee with all the (tools) you will need to complete each level with confidence.

We use our own methodology of training "EASY as 123” and our own “KIS” system" catering for most training style and training needs.

They are simple to access, with no previous technical knowledge required.

Note: You will need access to a computer and the internet, plus the style and type of sewing machine to work on appropriate for the course you have chosen. The sewing machine must be MECHANICAL not Electronic (computerised)

Service, Repair, Maintain (SRM) - Basic Sewing Machine Repairs & Maintenance Training Course

This course has been created and designed to provide "EASY as 123" training for Technicians and or Teachers in Schools Colleges and Universities.

Included in the course will be Basic Repairs and a Simple Service.On completion it will enable the trainee to understand the workings of a domestic sewing machine. This will ensure that most of the sewing machines will be running smoothly and all students can use a functioning sewing machine.

Troubleshoot - Sewing Machine Repair

This is more of a small workshop that gives you great Hints and Tips how to Troubleshoot minor problems with your sewing machine.

You will also have Troubleshooting guide  that can be downloaded with this workshop. If however you would like the printed version this can be purchased separately. 

Skills in a Box

It is exactly that. We will send you (A BOX)  our "Skills in a BOX" programme 

The BOX will be posted to you  and the material in the box is as follows:

Welcome and Introduction Notes

Basic Manual

Course Module

Trouble Shooting Guide

Simple Service Guide

USB Stick

Note Book Pen

Depending on the programme you choose, this will determine the Skill level and subjects you will learn.

Sew Tec Information

These are a set of Mini Workshops that will give you an insight into more technical details within the sewing industry.

Some of the many subjects covered are as follows:-

Fabrics, Needles, Threads, Product Handling etc.

Who do these mini workshops benefit, anyone who is working with a sewing machine, but will be of particular interest,

to anyone who is making products be it in a factory or as a small artisan business.

Sew Fix

This is for everyone but specificaly good for hobbist and artisan working from home.

So you have pin pointed the possible cause of your sewing machine problem.

With these know how Qwik-Fix Fact Fact Sheets you will be helped to resolve the issue.

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