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Sewing Machine Brands - Repair courses

At Artizan Training we offer a wide range of sewing machine repair training courses for all the major brands. So if you want sewing machine training on anything from an Adler to Wimsew, from a flatbed to a cylinder arm, you have come to the right place. We specialise in training for household and industrial sewing machines which are used for manufacturing apparel, shoes, upholstery and textiles. 

If you can't see your make and model of sewing machine here then please feel free to contact us anyway and we will be more than happy to help you fix your sewing machine.


We have vast experience with Adler and Duerkopp-Adler sewing machines and can offer repair training on flatbeds, walking foots, cylinder arms


If you want Brother sewing machine training, then one of our overlocker or straight stitch courses will be best suited to this brand. 


A very popular industrial sewing machine brand, if you want to maximise your consew sewing machine repair training potential, then be sure to enrol on to one of our industrial sewing machine repair courses.


We provide Duerkopp-Adler sewing machine repair and maintain training and even know a lot about the older models such as Durkopp 211 and Durkopp 265


Juki are a global leader in home sewing machines you can certainly trust them to perform time and time again but we will teach how to repair and maintain them in any of our juki sewing machine training courses. We can cover everything from straight-stitch to overlockers and everything in between.


They are over 100 years old and offer 3,500 types of sewing machine but a course with Artizan training could help you with your Pegasus sewing machine repairs and training. 


We know a thing or two about Pfaff, they are well known for quilting, sewing, and embroidery machines and are no faff at all to fix. Please see our sewing machine courses to help maintain and repair your Pfaff sewing machine.


Italian made industrial sewing machines. For Rimoldi overlocker training please see our industrial training courses.


We are well versed in many of the Seiko sewing machines including flat bed, post bed, cylinder bed, long arm and zig zag to name a few. We provide sewing machine repair courses for many of the Seiko models. 


The Signer sewing machine is an icon and therefore extremely popular, especially in home sewing. if you have any concerns about your Singer or would like Singer sewing machine training then gives us a call or please see our available courses

Union Special

We provide training that will cover your Union Special sewing machine.


Universal supplies sewing machine parts to the industrial sewing machine industry. These will need looking after just as much as your machine so if you want training in maintaining or repair sewing machine parts then have a look at our fantastic courses


Wimsew or won't sew - as with most sewing machine brands, we'll get you back on track with any of our physical or online courses.