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Service Repair Maintain

SRM Service Repair Maintain

This course has been created and designed to provide "EASY as 123" training for Technicians and or Teachers in Schools Colleges and Universities.

To enable the trainee to understand the workings of a domestic sewing machine and to be able to ensure it is kept in good working order.

Including basic repairs and a simple service. 

This will ensure that most of the sewing machines will be running smoothly and all students can use a functioning sewing machine.

SRM (Service Repair and Maintain)

Designed and Produced for Technicians and Teachers

 srm  description of course
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 SRM 1  Domestic Lockstitch
Is similar and equlivant too our attendance TEC 1  courses.They have been designed to give Technicians or Teachers the knowledge to trouble shoot and fix a Domestic Lockstitch Sewing Machine. 
 SRM 2 Domestic Locstitch
Again this course is similar and equlivant too our TEC 2 Courses. You will continue to discover easy to resolve problems that can occur with a sewing machine. You will also be taught how to set about doing a Simple Service on a Domestic Lockstitch Sewing Machine.
 SRM 1 Domestic Overlocker
This Distance Learning course is similar to our attendance TEC 1 Domestic Overlocker. You will be shown how to complete basic repairs and understand how to prevent problems before they happen.
 SRM 2 Domestic Overlocker
Once again this is similar to our attendance course TEC 2 Domestic Overlocker. You will continue to get to grips with the functionality of the Domestic Overlocker. You will also be shown how to do a basic Simple Service on the Domestic Overlocker.

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